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    EJB3 client to web services

    Jeff Schnitzer Newbie

      I'm writing an EJB3 bean that is a client to a random web service, ie one for whom I have WSDL and that's about it.

      I notice all the documentation and howto's demonstrate putting a <service-ref> element in the ejb-jar.xml. However, since I'm writing ejb3 beans, I have no ejb-jar.xml. Nor does it appear that the ejb3 spec yet has any annotation equivalent to <service-ref>.

      Am I hosed?

      I'm guessing that (at worst) I can just use the JWSDP-generated classes like a normal (non-WS4EE) java client. However, I'm having some difficulty figuring out which jars to include in my app given that some of them will already be visible (I'm using 4.0.2rc1 server/all). Can anyone offer any suggestions?