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    WSSecureEndpoint. SOS

    Alexander Golubev Newbie

      I still wonder : have anyone succeded with EJB service endpoint SSL securing ? I follow all recommends at wssecureendpoint article , but it still doesn't work. And what is more : the SSL secure example cant' be deployed for the tag <port-uri> is used. This tag should be replaced with <port-uri-component>.
      I have some experiments and found out that when <transport-guarantee> value : NONE - it's ok , and i can get wsdl file. But when i try with INTEGRAL or CONFIDENTIAL values and request for wsdl file the further is occured in log:

      2005-04-24 11:47:44,515 DEBUG [org.jboss.webservice.AxisService] No PortComponentInfo found for serviceID: Version

      and at my browser i get : the page can't be displayed.
      May be there additional preferences are required ?
      If there is no way to SSL secure ejb endpoint : my project will be brought down :(

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          Thomas Diesler Master

          Secure transport should work for EJB and Java endpoints likewise. This has been verified by Sun's compatibility test suite (CTS)

          Is your issue not beeing able to fetch the WSDL from the secured web context or do you experience problems with secure SOAP message transport?

          In the first case you could make the WSDL available at an unsecured context or give it to the client directly so it would not need to fetch it from the server every time you create a Service object.

          In the second case, please provide a sample deployment and create a JIRA issue - this stuff should work.