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Starting from JBossWS-2.0.3.GA the JBossWS team is putting some efforts in the web service productivity area. What does this mean?
We've been thinking about the real life problems ws users have to cope with day by day and tried to make the whole web service experience easier.
This process have been driven by a reorganization of the JBossWS documentation; new advanced samples have been released while tutorials and best practices about real world web service issues have been written.
The main achievements these productivity efforts led to include:
  • An Ant-based Web Service Project Generator (the idea is almost the same of SeamGen): this can be used to automatically create a simple project along with an Ant build file to compile and deploy it; a basic Eclipse configuration is also generated for the new project. The most commonly required libraries are referenced from the user specified JBoss application server home, so that the user simply needs to code its web service provider / consumer application.
  • A JBossWS Testsuite Eclipse project: the JBossWS distribution already comes with a testsuite whose run is a good starting point for a web service training. Even if the testsuite can be run using the provided Ant scripts, beginners might feel more comfortable running the JUnit tests and looking at their results directly in the IDE. For this reason a testsuite project can be generated and imported in Eclipse.
  • A simple Record Management system providing web service administrators a means of performing custom analysis of their webservice traffic as well as exporting communication logs. Pre-installed record processors collect information about the exchanged SOAP messages; this can be useful for accountability reasons ("which customers are actually hitting service A?") as well as for statistics, record filtering, etc. ("what are the last 3 request-response exchanges with customer C?"). The record management is available through the JMX console or by the JBossWS SPI; as a matter of fact users might want to code their own record processors and plug them into JBossWS to perform custom processing of the collected records (why not storing them for off-line statistics? ;-) )
Finally, since starting from JBossWS 3.0 integration layers are provided to support both the Metro and CXF web service stacks, the afore mentioned achievements are cross-stack features and thus can be used in JBossWS-Native, JBossWS-Metro and JBossWS-CXF.

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