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Here is a quick introduction of setting up a project in Grails.


1. Download latest version of Grails.


2. Unzip the downloaded file.


3. Setup environment variables for GRAILS_HOME and PATH


4. Create a workspace folder.


5. Open cmd and change directory onto that workspace.


6. Create a Grails Project by typing


grails create-app ProjectName


7. After a flurry of activity your project is created! You can see the ProjectName folder in your workspace. Congrats if you reached till here!


8. Change onto ProjectName directory.


9. Create Domain Class by typing


grails create-domain-class com.crawler.intro.lesson1.sampleClassName


Go and edit your domain class as you want. (You can add your fields. No need of getters and setters.. It's Groovy!)


10. Create Controller by typing


grails create-controller com.crawler.intro.lesson1.sampleClassName




grails generate-all com.crawler.intro.lesson1.sampleClassName


11. Install Grails UI plugin by typing:


grails install-plugin grails-ui


12. Add your gui components like expandable panel, accordion etc to your views. (.gsp files under views folder)

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