Much anticipated, JBoss Cache 1.3.0.GA, codenamed "Wasabi" has finally been released. And this is a monster of a release - lots of long awaited features including optimistic locking, invalidation, the ability to configure more than one cache loader, a new programmatic Option API to allow for configuration overrides on a per invocation basis, a few new remote cache loaders that allow you to use the a dedicated remote host with a lot of physical RAM as a cache loader, and plenty of overall performance enhancements, particularly around cache loaders.



I'd like to thank all contributors on the JBoss Cache project for making this possible - JBoss employees, partners, external contributors, everyone. There has been a lot of participation in this release in particular. Everything from features to fixes, performance enhancements to helping track down obscure concurrency issues, open discussion of designs and ideas to actually implementing some of them, the community has been a huge part of this release. This is what open source and the JBoss user community is all about. Thank you all again, you know who you are.



So what next then? JBoss Cache 1.4.0 "Jalapeno" is the next major release, with an aggressive release schedule, due in a very short few weeks. This is a very focused release, on a few specific features (namely buddy replication and some dramatic performance enhancements in replication we have in mind). We expect Jalapeno to blow your mind as well, expect early alphas of Jalapeno in the near future.



  • Download JBoss Cache 1.3.0.GA "Wasabi" here.
  • Discuss JBoss Cache 1.3.0.GA "Wasabi" here.
  • Read JBoss Cache 1.3.0.GA "Wasabi" documentation here.

Enjoy your wasabi,
Manik Surtani
Lead, JBoss Cache