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I am proud to announce Seam 2.3.0.ALPHA release, which is the first release after migration to Maven multimodule project structure.

Although there are still few things to do in this migration like handling seam-gen and Wiki example, major things are now done.


Some noticed my 2 blog posts about Migration of JPA and Booking examples for JBoss AS7 deployment - they are also available

in 2.3.0.ALPHA sources and they can be built and deployed into AS7 if you use Maven profile jbossas7 in the examples.


Distribution is available at and Release Notes are here. Documentation is uploaded at


Next step in 2.3.0 development will be 2.3.0.Beta1, where is planned to have full support of JSF2 and bringing Arquillian power into Seam 2 project along legacy JBoss Embedded.


Stay tuned and if you want to contribute, contact me on my email hotmana76 at or on #seam-dev channel on Freenode IRC.

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