We finally kicked out the 2.3.0.Final release!

Check the http://www.seamframework.org/Seam2/Downloads or just use it with Maven after updating jboss-seam version to 2.3.0.Final in your application's pom.xml - the link shows all released artifacts https://repository.jboss.org/nexus/index.html#nexus-search;gav~org.jboss.seam~~2.3.0.Final~~


Almost everything was alredy written in my announcement  Seam 2.3.0.CR1 is out! and I would like to thank Marek Schmidt, Tomas Remes, Dan Hinojosa, Brian Leathem, Shane Bryzak, Jason Porter and Rafael Benevides for their contributions to 2.3.0 release.  


Just to be clear for everybody what is SEAM 2.3 and what is not.


  • Seam 2.3.0 is as a middle step for Seam 2.2 on JBoss AS5 to full Java EE 6 (JBoss AS7)
  • Seam 2.3 is a short-time target for existing apps like 2-3 years time frame (don't take my guess as an exact time plan)
  • The future development plan should consider more CDI with Java EE 6.
  • Seam 2.3 continues using the Seam 2 dependency injection implementation and IT IS NOT integrated with CDI technology
  • Seam 2.3 works with JSF2, JPA2, Bean Validation 1.0, EJB3.1.


So we will fix bugs and release new versions for Seam 2 line until replacement will be ready.


I hope you will try it and enjoy it


PS. Report any issues you have discovered, we always appreacite this community help.