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Seam 2.3.0.Beta1 is out

Posted by manarh Apr 2, 2012

Seam 2 reached one of milestone in 2.3.0 roadmap - 2.3.0.Beta1 release. We plan to do another 2.3.0.Beta2 release this month to finish Arquillian and Seam Gen features. After that we will focus on fixing all bugs/issues to finish the 2.3.0 roadmap.


I tried to avoid 1st April announcement ;-), even we practically released that in the end of March. Download links are at and Documentation links at I hope this release will be consumed much more in Maven projects than to download the compressed distribution archive.


After 2.3.0.Alpha release in October last year, this Seam 2 milestone - 2.3.0.Beta1 is breaking things and surfs on JBoss AS 7 wave of releases, because it adds a few Java EE 6 technologies into Seam 2 framework, which was originally based on Java EE 5 set of technologies, and tries to come near to AS 7 runtime.


As one of big changes is long awaiting JSF 2 support instead of JSF 1.2. This goes hand in hand with Bean Validation support and finally with JPA 2 and Hibernate 4 family upgrade in Seam 2.


We also did some steps to replace JBoss Embedded runtime with Arquillian while it still uses old mocking environment for the whole integration testsuite.


We migrated a few examples like Booking, UI, Mail, Todo to be ready to run with native Java EE 6 technologies on AS 7. More examples will come in later releases.


There are still some work to do before final release will be out. But we have now a checkpoint.


I am excited and hope that you will try it and return back with a response. WE NEED a response from community!


Usage of Seam 2.3.0.Beta1 Maven artifacts from JBoss Nexus repository is the following.


  • Set up the JBoss repository in your ~/.m2/settings.xml like profile (you can use a template from Seam2.3 build/settings.xml ):


          <name>JBoss Public Maven Repository Group</name>


  • Update your application project with correct version for instance like:




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