JBoss has just spent the past few weeks working closely with IBM, Microsoft and other members of the OASIS WS-TX technical committee to validate the interoperability goals of the WS-AtomicTransaction specification. I'm pleased to say that, as with the first interoperability workshop, the committee has achieved its goals and demonstrated interoperability between a number of heterogeneous implementations. Next steps will be to make the specification a standard and to move on the interoperability of WS-BusinessActivity.


As far as JBoss is concerned, we used the JBossTransactions product as the basis of our interoperability effort. Because the technical committee is working on the next version of the WS-TX standards, this is not the same version of JBossTS we're shipping that currently has Web Services transactions support, simply because that release is only compliant with the previous specifications. Expect to see a release of JBossTS that supports both versions of the specifications in 2007, once the technical committee has finished its work. We'll also try to find a way to make sure our endpoint remains available in case anyone wants to use it.


If you want to see how we (and others) got on with interoperability, you can check the interoperability matrix. Unfortunately the table treats the participants anonymously and randomly: P1 now may be a different participant to P1 in a minutes time.