I've mentioned before how much work we've been doing in JBoss around the Cloud, both from an implementation perspective in our projects as well as thinking about where we need to go. Well today Red Hat is making more announcements around Cloud. This is much more than just PaaS though: we're announcing a strategy and technologies around the entire Cloud stack, called Cloud Foundations. As with everything we do though, standards and openness are critical, so this isn't yet another vendor lock-in strategy; we're working with a range of other vendors in Apache through Deltacloud, the DMTF and OASIS with Cloud-Identity. And I think it's pretty cool to think that Dreamworks will be using these technologies in the future (and my 8 year old son does too!)


To paraphrase the Rolling Stones, if you're thinking about Cloud now or in the future then "On my cloud baby"!  And maybe Mick should be singing "Hey you, get on to my Cloud"