I'm a big softy at heart: whenever I see baby photos, or videos of them laughing I go all warm and fuzzy Seeing something come to life is wonderful. So you can guess how I felt when all of the work we'd been putting in to things behind the scenes finally flourished and Apache DeltaSpike was born! This is an important announcement for a number of reasons: first, it's multi-community based, with collaboration with many other CDI projects in the open source space (there are a couple of notable absentees, but hopefully they'll come along later); second, counting the time when we first thought about doing something around CDI in a vendor-neutral environment, it's been over a year in the planning. This is only the first step though, and we'll be announcing other related activities and thoughts around DeltaSpike, Seam etc. in the coming weeks and months. And we'll be asking for the community to help guide where we go with CDI at least, so if you're at all interested now is the time to put those thinking caps on.


As I said, this has been a collaborative effort both inside and outside of JBoss. My thanks go out to everyone who has helped to get us here and to all those people who will surely make this a success. Not only is this a good step for Seam and CDI, but hopefully it illustrates how EE6 can be a much more open effort if there's a willingness to engage in constructive dialog. So from my team and in no specific order, I want to end by thanking Pete Muir, Shane Byzak, Lincoln Baxter, Jason Porter, Dan Allen and many others. My apologies in advance if I missed your name out! And thanks to Jim Jaglieski who helped shepherd things.