I've been going to QCon conferences for a number of years, at least from 2008 onwards. I've spoken on a range of things, from REST through transactions to the future of Java. And throughout those years QCon has never failed to be a stimulating place with people who want to cut through the hype and get to the real problems. In short, it has always been a great place to visit as well as present at. However, it's also been a relatively small venue, which helped to foster that almost 1-on-1 interaction with people that stimulates good discussion. Until this year! I don't know what they did, but QCon London 2012 was huge and yet still manages to retain the same feel as in previous years!


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I'm just back from giving a presentation (Is Enterprise Java ready for Mobile and Cloud?) and it went well. There was a lot of interest and according to the feedback I got, 92% of the audience thought it was good The presentation and video will be up eventually and I'll try to update this posting when that happens. The entire track that I was within (the Solutions Track on High Performance Systems) was very well attended and had interesting talks. For instance, I'm an F1 fan but this is the first time I've been in a presentation where someone managed to show how DevOps can learn from the F1 teams! Funny but very informative.


I'm looking forward to presenting at future QCon events. However, if you've never been to one before then I definitely recommend them!