I've been saying for a while (and not vocalising publicly for a lot longer) that JBoss is about Java and all things JVM related, yet has much wider applicability. We've seen this with the success of projects like TorqueBox and Immutant, as well as new arrivals like AeroGear. And we're committed to OpenJDK for obvious reasons. The JVM is our bread and butter; we'll use it and improve on it where it doesn't work as well as we need. And it should go without saying that we are committed to open source in everything we do, and to making the working environment within Red Hat the best place for engineers to be. So with that in mind I am extremely pleased to be able to announce that Charlie Nutter and Thomas Enebo have joined us, bringing with them their skills around jRuby. Both Charlie and Thomas have been instrumental in making jRuby what it is today, both technically and from a community perspective. They'll be working with various teams in JBoss and Red Hat, including the obvious candidates such as TorqueBox, Immutant and OpenJDK, but also helping us deliver on our polyglot visition. I can say that bringing them to Red Hat has been almost 2 years in the making, but it's time that has been well worth spent and I have great expectations for their future here. Therefore, please join me in welcoming Charlie and Thomas to the JBoss/Red Hat family!


By the way, I know that Charlie is presenting at JRubyConf this week, and will be making a similar announcement (probably already has by the time you read this). The TorqueBox team are there to welcome Charlie and Thomas too, so if you're there and see some folks walking around with red fedoras, why not grab them and either welcome them to the Red Hat team, or talk with them about where we are going with Ruby and other polyglot efforts. On a personal note, I'm looking forward to working with Thomas and Charlie on a number of core projects for JBoss and Red Hat!