OK, so on the same day we announce the release of EAP 6.0, we also announce that our JBoss Data Grid, our NoSQL offering based on Infinisipan, is also available. You will definitely see and hear a lot more about this at JBossWorld and JUDCon from the likes of Manik Surtani and his team. Just as EAP 6.0 is a major announcement for us in the traditional enterprise Java space, so too is JDG important in the new and evolving world of NoSQL and BigData. I know that the team have spent a lot of time and energy getting this release out and working with early adopters in our early access program. This would have been a monumental effort at any time, but having to do this at the same time as pretty much everyone else was working on EAP 6.0 ramped up the pressure. Yet deliver they did and on time! So my congratulations go to entire team, including QA, docs etc. You've all done a fantastic job and keep it up!