Last week at Red Hat Summit several of us, myself included, paid tribute to the fact that June 2016 was the 10 year anniversary of closing of the deal which brought Red Hat in to JBoss. I had a few things to say about this during my portion of the DevNation keynote, highlighting the CDI work we've done, the various acquisitions such as FuseSource and FeedHenry, or the innovation around projects such as Vert.x and WildFly Swarm. As I mentioned at the time, we've accomplished so many things over the last decade that I really couldn't hope to do them justice in a single keynote. It truly has been a defining decade for enterprise Java within Red Hat.


It was also an emotional anniversary for me which didn't really hit until Summit, or maybe it was because of Summit. While there I met and interacted with people I've known for many of those 10 years in Red Hat and who have worked as part of the middleware efforts, but some of whom have now moved on to other areas of Red Hat. It was great to see them doing so well but slightly sad that we're not working as closely these days. Another change was that the JBoss/JUDCon keynote and associated demo, which started out years ago playing to a packed room of a hundred or so has now become part of the main keynote stage in front of thousands: wonderful to see!


10 years of JBoss in Red Hat has been a great ride. We've been able to act as a catalyst for innovation both inside and outside of Red Hat. The business has grown from only a couple of products to a dozen or so. Revenues are also up significantly. And the teams, including engineering, QE, docs, product management etc. have also exploded in size. I look forward to what the next 10 years will bring! Onward! And We Love You !