By now I'm hoping that most people will have seen the announcement from Oracle around Java EE and possible moves towards open source foundations. Of course there are a few media articles on the topic now because if this does happen it's pretty significant. I haven't got much more I can add at this time from Red Hat that hasn't been said by John Clingan but I did want to echo the sentiments: I think this is a very positive thing to do and likely sits up there alongside Sun's open sourcing of Java as one of the most significant events to happen to the wider Java ecosystem. Of course the devil's in the detail and those details are few and far between at this time, but Red Hat is very happy to support this effort in whatever we we can to help ensure a positive outcome and future for Java EE and its enterprise components. Clearly I also see this as beneficial to our collective MicroProfile efforts and we will have to see how both of these things will evolve over time. Onward!!