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All good things I'd like to...

M Liddle

Liddle Java blog post

Posted by M Liddle Jan 14, 2015

update. life. thoughts. contact. stuff. Mister.

Greenfoot, Alice and Java. Nation, Java. Liddle as manager? leader or orgainisation, business?

M Liddle

Hinc odor et sanitas

Posted by M Liddle Feb 20, 2013

Hinc odor et sanitas: smells good!

M Liddle

New layout Today

Posted by M Liddle Feb 17, 2013

Now it's today

And today is now.

Today, February  2013: HulloWorld

Please just do as you're told.

Simple, yet...complicated...

M Liddle

Glassfish huh? nice

Posted by M Liddle Nov 10, 2010

Been trying to make time to look at application servers--Glassfish is quiet nice

a) soon

b) never

c) yes

d) all of the above

M Liddle

Now it's today

Posted by M Liddle Oct 13, 2010

And today is now.

M Liddle


Posted by M Liddle Sep 19, 2010

Today, September 2010: HulloWorld