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Arbi Sookazian

Posted by Arbi Sookazian Jul 14, 2011

I have recently purchased and and am using as my host.  So far I have done some prep/research with Drupal 7 but I have not had a whole lot of time to do heavy design/development.  I have got buy in from some heavy-hitters in the JVM languages space (e.g. Ted Neward) so hopefully this will be a fun project for all interested/involved.  Pig out.

I have been running the JVM languages group on for a while now.  There are almost 300 members.  Feel free to join and contribute (esp. about Ceylon)!

So today I learned how to override the default Maven lifecycle.  I used this as a guide:


I will be writing a quick blog entry on how to do this as the instructions from the ref guide were not specific/clear enough...


Maven is way too complex, the more I learn and use it, the more I understand it and liking it better now...