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I just noticed today that github has changed the way it's pull requests work, so it is now possible to merge pull requests using:


git pull --rebase upstream pull/$no/head


(where $no is the pull request number)


I wrote a simple function that takes pull request numbers as parameters that I thought I would share in the hope it would make life easier for anyone who has to merge a lot of pull requests.


pull() {
  cmd="git fetch upstream "
  for var in "$@"
    cmd="$cmd pull/$var/head:pullRequest$var"
  for var in "$@"
    git checkout pullRequest$var
    git rebase master
    git checkout master
    git merge pullRequest$var
    git branch -D pullRequest$var

After putting this in your bashrc file you can use it as follows:


pull 251 252 253 


This will fetch all the pull requests into temporary branches, check them out, rebase them and then merge them into master.