• org.apache.commons.dbcp.SQLNestedException: Cannot load JDBC driver class 'oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver'

    We are trying to connect the code with the database. Please Check my below code     class DbTransaction {       static void execute(boolean rethrow = true, Closure c){   ...
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    last modified by asif munir
  • Wildfly 10 loads my static files intermittently

    Hi Guys,   I am new to Wildfly. I am trying to deploy a spring application on wildfly but it doesn't load my static files. I would have to refresh the page several times before it is loaded. The application work...
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    last modified by Charles Megafu
  • Migration from JBoss 6.1 to 6.4 issue

    I have an issue after migrating spring application from 6.1 o 6.4. My project structure is One Ear file contains 4 war files and the persistence.xml is there at the EAR level along with all jars in the lib. The issue ...
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    last modified by Amit Pratap
  • HTTP proxy support for EJB clients

    I am trying to establish a connection between my EJB client and Wildfly17 over HTTP on port 8080. The connection is established and I can send/receive messages. However, When I am trying to establish a connection from...
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    last modified by sachin patel
  • Creating a temporary user in Keycloak

    Hi there,   I would like to hear your advice about the following scenario.   We're studying Keycloak to possibly implement its use in our organization. We need to implement the specific request:   We...
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    last modified by Ana Dunning
  • SLF4J MDC / Thread Context Support in Thorntail

    I implemented a custom java.util.logging.Formatter to use for our thorntail based apps. I'm using the formatter as described here https://docs.thorntail.io/2.4.0.Final/#_logging for the property thorntail.logging.cus...
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    last modified by Timo Schoepflin
  • Concurrent TimeoutException

    Hello,   We are using infinispan 9.2 and following are high level application running params. We moved to 9.2 because of split brain issues encountered in the past with 6.2 around 1 year ago. Now we occasionally...
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    last modified by Sunil Mandaliya
  • How to stream through query results ?

    Hi, Result I am using the java remote hot rod client to query entries in a cache then delete the result. However, I expect the number of results to be quite large and that may cause memory issues in my application. ...
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    last modified by Jean-Baptiste Trystram
  • after updgrade 7.0 sql query with alias name is not wroking

    i am upgrading jboss 4.0 to jboss 7.0 .and jboss 7.0 query have alias column is not coming in result             <query>   SELECT t.status_id AS id, t.code   FROM sme....
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    created by Hitesh Gupta
  • ModeShape JDK 11 support

    I already looked in the documentation and it seems that only JDK 8 is supported. Can anybody confirm that this is the case? Are there any chances to have JDK 11 supported any time soon (next 6 months, 1 year...). Thanks!
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    last modified by Alin Butura-Filip
  • Invalid method signature publishKeys in AdvancedCacheLoader and JdbcStringBasedStore

    below method : public Flowable<K> publishKeys(Predicate<? super K> filter); in class JdbcStringBasedStore has invalid signature of parent method in class AdvancedCacheLoader https://docs.jboss.org/infinisp...
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    last modified by alireza alallah
  • How to configure jndi reference name in Jboss 7.1 When deploying war web application

    This is the configuration i have which is working fine in tomcat ,  Now when i try to install the war web app in JBoss 7.1 as standalone application (not domain)  I keep getting those errors:  ...
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    last modified by meir meiry
  • Testing Byteman on OpenJDK version 9-ea+170

    Hello all,   by reading the jigsaw-dev mailing list I'm aware that several things have been changing around agents, but I didn't see a conclusion.   Testing now the Hibernate Search build on latest OpenJDK...
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    last modified by Sanne GRINOVERO
  • Equivalent of ear-subdeployments-isolated true/false

    Hi there,   I have an EAR containing multiple EJB JARs and WARs. It deploys fine with <ear-subdeployments-isolated>false</ear-subdeployments-isolated> (the WildFly default) in jboss-deployment-struct...
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    last modified by Richard Kennard
  • jboss 7.0 and jndi with Spring

    i have created a datasource in Jboss subsystems, i have tested the connection and it works but i can't get it in a bean from my applicationContext.xml file, i get the error "javax.naming.CommunicationException"  ...
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    last modified by dsasda dssad
  • Active Directory site aware LDAPS

    We are currently using Elytron LDAPS support to authenticate against Active Directory. Unfortunately there currently seems to be no way to do site aware LDAPS because of two reasons Active Directory only adds SRV re...
  • Arquillian mix mode not able to read/recognise @Before/After annotations of TestNG

    I am using Arquillian mixed mode. I am doing some configuration in the client mode(initialising webDriver) and using the server side mode to generate tests data and the run my tests in client mode. Now, everything wor...
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    last modified by Gagandeep Singh
  • SQL query to get a human readable display of the *number* REVINFO.timestamp ?

    Hello   I just migrate a project to Hibernate Envers : it works fine :-)   EnversHibernateToolTask generated for oracle the table REVINFO with the column timestamp number(19,0)   For some legacy reas...
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    last modified by Farid C
  • Infinispan docker: Unexpected element 'infinispan'

    Hey.   I'm trying to run docker container with custom config:   <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <infinispan         xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSc...
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    last modified by Alexander Filimonov
  • SOAP request using Apache CXF: Error writing request body to server while processing 11MB

    Hi All,   I am using Jboss Fuse 6.3 with JBoss EAP 6.4. I have a web service which connects to SOAP endpoint using Apache CXF. It is working fine for request size within 5 to 10 MB. But we are getting attached ...
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    created by Vinay Tadvi