• Wildfly 10.1.0 with mysql on centos 6+ problem with connection encoding

    Hello to all, I have an application that uses most of the java ee 7 (jsf, ejb, cdi, jms, jpa etc).   The application is hosted on a wildfly 10.1.0 Final and connects to a mysql database through the following da...
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    last modified by George tsobis
  • Loadbalanced WildFly 8.2.1: no client ip in access.log

    How do I configure WildFly so it will put the real client ip address in the access.log file?   My load balancer sets x-forwarded-for, and calls to request.getRemoteAddr() give me the correct ip address. The onl...
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    last modified by Stephan van Beerschoten
  • External authentication in servletFilter, need authorization integration

    I have a very successful filter configured, that when a user hits a web page, it redirects to another system where the user provides their credentials and then are re-directed back to my WildFly with JWT that contains...
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    created by George Turner
  • serialVersionUID does not match error following WildFly 10 to WildFly 14 upgrade

    The software developers that I work with have run into an issue with EJB/Hibernate requests that contain full entities following the upgrade from WildFly 10 to WildFly 14.  I realize this is a large jump in versi...
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  • Kerberos end-to-end authentication

    We would like to have client kerberos principal (coming from active directory) authenticate through the complete call chain which consists   client application (http, SPNEGO) ->webservice(frontend jboss insta...
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  • How to get access to wildfly admin console by REST-method

    Hello,   I'm trying to get Executors information from my app by REST-method. I can do it from browser and terminal when the standalone script is running. But for doing this from application, I need to use creden...
  • java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.ajax4jsf

    Cannot upload deployment: {"WFLYCTL0080: Failed services" => {"jboss.deployment.unit.\"sigs-web.war\".POST_MODULE" => "org.jboss.msc.service.StartException in service jboss.deployment.unit.\"sigs-web.war\".POST_...
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  • Unable to Create IBM DB2 Connection

    Since Wildfly 14.0 I have the Problem to Create a IBMi -  DB2 Connection. In Wildfly 13 it was Working fine.   this is my standalone.xml from my Wildfly 13 <datasource jndi-name="java:/DB2DS" pool-name...
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    last modified by Marcus Berlinger
  • Errors with HTTP/2 enabled in WF 14 (with WF 10 same app worked)

    I get the following error in Wildfly 14:   19:21:02,947 ERROR [io.undertow] (default task-59) UT005085: Connection io.undertow.server.protocol.http2.Http2ServerConnection@d75cd9 for exchange HttpServerExchange{ ...
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  • Ear deployment in Wildfly15 fails

    I try to deploy an ear file which contains a ejb jar and other utility jars and when i try to deploy the ear the ejb interfaces are not visible and deployment fails. i try to add the dependent deployment jar in ...
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    last modified by Joe T
  • why i am getting exception like cache's entry  is in STATUS_MARKED_ROLLBACK() and  say "it is not in a valid state to be invoking cache operations on."??

    sir,   When i making load of request to cluster nodes,There was one node got down and another node was supposed to take over that requests.But failed lot of request.I could see exception like below when tried to...
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    last modified by Jagadeesh kalaiyarasan
  • Wildfly 14 - 60 seconds timeout for HTTPS GET request

    Hi,   We see that there is a 60 seconds timeout when we send an HTTPS request to Wildfly 14:   time curl -i -X GET  'https://...'   curl: (52) Empty reply from server   real  &#...
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    last modified by Moshe Elisha
  • QueryParserException for Temporary Table query with Tableau Dessktop client

    I'm trying to explore using Teiid (version 11.2.1) with Tableau (version 10.4.x currently) and am essentially using the example at teiid-embedded-examples/restservice-as-a-datasource at master · teiid/teiid-embed...
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    last modified by aormerod
  • How to make Keycloak api post call using angular 7

    I am integrating keycloak with my angular application. I need to get my resources access for my client. I have to make a post request call using angular "localhost:8081/auth/realms/enliven/protocol/openid-connect/tok...
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    created by S Krithicka
  • bad performance on my JCR queries with LocalIndexProvider after update 4.3.0.Final to 5.4.1.Final

    Hi,   after updating from Modeshape 4.3.0 to 5.4.1 I have bad performance on my JCR queries with LocalIndexProvider:   here my settings      "indexProviders" : {     ...
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    last modified by Gerhard Stummer
  • Wildfly14 : JDBC-PING - Not removing old entries from DB if I kill the server

    Hi,   I did following configuration in wildfly domain.xml for JDBC_PING     <jdbc-protocol type="JDBC_PING" data-source="JGroupsDS">         <property name...
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    created by Bhavesh Kharwa
  • How to configure Wildfly load balancing with redirect ?

    I am working with wildfly undertow load balancer , and I added following configuration in standalone-load-balancer.xml but my request is not getting redirected? I added reverse proxy handler and host to the Undertow s...
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    last modified by Girish Pathak
  • Slave Artemis in Wildfly 10.1.0.Final is starting without Master Shutdown - Split brain

    Scenario - Master, and Slave Running on 2 VM's. Master Wildfly - <replication-master cluster-name="my-cluster" group-name="srini-queues-cluster-group" check-for-live-server="true"/> Slave Wildfly - <replicati...
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    created by Srinivas ev
  • Question about ability for distribute project with implementation junit rule for BMUnit.

    Some time ago for my project which use SpringBoot I wrote simple implementation of "org.junit.rules.MethodRule" for BMUnit library. And some utils methods which allows to operate on  handling counters, joins and...
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    last modified by Szymon Tarnowski
  • Teiid spring boot exposing OData and also other rest controllers

    Hi,   I want to expose OData4 in my microservice, and also expose other endpoints which doesn't related to OData(for example - Spring boot actuator endpoints like health check) I defined server.context-path: /a...
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    last modified by Tamar Meron