• Unable to access URL by deploying .war to jboss 7

    I have developed a Spring 3.0 based application using maven and JPA2.1. I have created a .war file and deploy to JBOSS server but when I'm trying to access the URL http://localhost:9999/project/index.html then its dow...
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    last modified by Prateek Kumar Singh
  • A Translation of WildFly Guides

    May I do translations of WildFly 16 Guides in my blog without a commercial? This question to WildFly original authors. Could you answer to my e-mail from the WildFly.Org domain? I will publish an answer to this post a...
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    last modified by Dmitriy Sidyakin
  • Problem converting from JBoss Server 6.4 to EAP-7.1.0

    Hello, I can't get any apps that ran on server version 6.4 to run on version 7.1.0. Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong ? Thanks in advance!   When I start the local server, here is what is in the console:...
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    last modified by Rod Nichols
  • What are the available subsystems for Wildfly 16 microprofile metrics

    Hi,   I would like to know what is the available subsystems form Wildfly 16 microprofile metrics as stated in https://docs.wildfly.org/16/Admin_Guide.html#MicroProfile_Metrics_SmallRye . Where can I find them? &...
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    created by Claudio Weiler
  • UT005032: Listener not making progress with EJB over HTTP

    I'm trying to upgrade an application from WildFly 10.1.0.Final to 16.0.0.Final, and as part of that I need to implement EJB over HTTP to support load balancing in AWS.   I have two WildFly 16 standalone servers....
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    created by John Sipher
  • how to send array of input data into my service

    Refer the following URL           http://localhost:8080/odata4/account/account/detail?$filter= amountNum in array [1, 2, 3]     I would like to pass a list of account numbers as in...
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    created by Thiru PM
  • Permission error in WF-16

    190419 12:53:37 ERROR [stderr.write(71)] java.security.AccessControlException: WFSM000001: Permission check failed (permission "("java.util.logging.LoggingPermission" "control")" in code source "(vfs:/content/code.ear...
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    last modified by Konstantin Pupkov
  • Can proxy-address-forwarding be enabled for Undertow https-listener?

    I am using WildFly 8.1.0.Final.   I noticed that the undertow configuration supports the "proxy-address-forwarding" for the <http-listener>. This causes it to interpret X-Forwarded-Proto and X-Forwarded-F...
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    last modified by Darren Jones
  • Howto set useCursorFetch=true in XA datasource

    Hello together, following the description here MySQL Translators · GitBook I am trying to set the useCursorFetch property on a XA datasource. Unfortunately I have not found a description yet how to do this. I so...
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    last modified by Christoph John
  • java.lang.NullPointerException when calling a stored procedure via Teiid

    Hello together, I am currently trying to get stored procedures via odata working. I am not sure if I am doing something wrong or if I am hitting a bug in TEIID. I ran into one issue as described below and have a coup...
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  • Openshift Connector by RedHat: Unable to login

    Hijeffmaury, Firstly, thank you for creating the plugin Open-shift Connector for Intellij. I have gone thru your very detailed article (https://tools.jboss.org/blog/ij-openshift-connector.html) and try to install t...
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    last modified by Bhaskara Anantarapu
  • Protecting Wildfly Adminstration Console With Keycloak does not work

    Following Protecting Wildfly Adminstration Console With Keycloak , with Wildfly 13.0.0.Final and Keycloak (Wildfly Adapter) 4.0.0.Final a request to access the Wildfly Administration Console is not be redirected to a...
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    last modified by Gunter Zeilinger
  • High CPU Usage: Springframework in Wildfly 10.1

    Is it normal for a springframework application to take over 400% of the CPU (determined with top) in Linux (Centos 7)?  Consultants have deployed a couple of web apps in our Wildfly 10.1 (JDK1.8.x) and each one o...
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    created by Carlos Oliva
  • Arquillian support for Java 11?

    I recently started migrating an existing in-house project from Java 8 / Wildfly 8 / Java EE 7 to Java 11 / Wildfly 15 / Java EE 8. While the project itself is now 100% working on the new versions, I ran into issues wi...
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    last modified by Björn Martin
  • JBoss 7.1 How to load Multiple ManagedExecutorService's , getting exception on lookup

    Hey I try ManagedExecutorService in my webapp which i diploy in JBoss 7.1 i try to load ManagedExecutorService to execute thread and to use ThreadPoll But im failing on lookup This is what i have : initialContext = ...
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    created by meir meiry
  • CacheException when calling EmbeddedCacheManager::stop() - how to gracefully stop EmbeddedCacheManager in an web-application ?

    Hi, how to gracefully stop an EmbeddedCacheManager in an Web-Application (in contextDestroyed())?   I am using Infinispan 10.0.0Beta3. Calling EmbeddedCacheManager::stop() causes this Exception.   [1;31m16...
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    last modified by Dario Sanna
  • Webservice method hiding

    Hi,   I am using Wildly 15. I have one method which I want to use, but I need it to be excluded in WSDL so the customer is not even aware of it(@webmethod exclude=true is therefore not an option as it disables ...
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    created by Ales Romaniuk
  • WF10, JbossWS 5.1: code first WS-Sec Endpoint w provided WS-sec Policy: how to control plain/signed response ?

    ttsia   we do a WS Sec Webservice which implements x509 token w Signature wo Auth wo Encryption in jboss 4 and want to migrate to WF10 / Jboss WS CXF 5.1. i found nothing in the documentation how to achive/cont...
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    last modified by ulli hertlein
  • Proxy for remote EJB StatelessEJBLocator for "/ee/ee.jar/xxxxxxxxx", view is interface xxxxxxxx, affinity is None

    when i read ejb look up iam getting like Proxy for remote EJB StatelessEJBLocator for "/ee/ee.jar/xxxxxxxxx", view is interface xxxxxxxx, affinity is None becoz of this iam getting javax.ejb.NoSuchEJBException, how ca...
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    created by jaypal sama
  • Unable to run windup 4.2.1 due to Failure to find com.sleepycat:je:jar:7.4.5

    How to resolve this error. This error only comes for 4.2.1 while i am able to run 4.2.0.   --Sachin
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    last modified by Sachin Agrawal