Version 8



    See JBoss AOP FAQ page to get answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.


    Building from CVS.

    See BuildingJBossAOPFromSubversion


    Debugging In Eclipse.

    See DebuggingJBossAOPInEclipse



    AOP Framework


    See complete documentation for JBoss AOP here.


    To learn JBoss AOP you should first browse the tutorial.  It comes with the standalone bundle of JBossAOP so that you can try it out on your own computer.


    For the tutorial, you can see the actual code by pointing to the directory of the actual example, i.e.



    Feel free to add your own material, how-to's etc!


    Building AOP with Maven2

    Introduction to the plugins required to use JBoss AOP with Maven


    JBoss AOP JDK 1.4 Support

    Versions that support JDK 1.4


    JBoss AOP Properties

    Available properties that JBoss AOP supports


    Contributed Aspects

    The JBoss AOP community has a section for ContributingYourOwnAspects.



    AOP Services


    AOP services come with JBoss application server or are downloadble separately.  Some, like JBossCache, AOPGOFPatterns, AOP Asynchronous Method Invocation, and the ReadWriteLockAspect can also run outside of JBoss application server.  Here's some doco on this:



    Building an AOP 2.0.x release