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    NOTE: If you use JBoss Cache, you really should consider migrating to Infinispan, which supercedes JBoss Cache.  It does all JBoss Cache does, and much, much more, is more robust, performs better, and has a far more active community.

    What is JBoss Cache

    JBoss Cache consists of two editions
    • core - a replicated, distributed, transactional tree-structured cache

    • pojo (formerly JBossCacheAop) - a layer on top of the core cache, providing you with an API-less feature set and giving you a more 'pojo' feel to your application with minimal intrusion.

    Upcoming editions
    • searchable - this edition bolts on a search indexer to the cache, allowing you to query the cache using efficient Lucene queries.  See the JBoss Cache Searchable wiki page for more info.



    The current stable release, recommended for general use, is JBoss Cache 3.2.2.GA "Malagueta".  Note that this is not binary-compatible with JBoss Cache 1.x and if you need that level of binary compatibility the recommended version is JBoss Cache 1.4.1 "Cayenne".  Naga is compatible with JBoss Cache 2.x though.


    Learning about JBoss Cache


    A tutorial and FAQ for both core and pojo editions are provided, along with the formal user guide- which should be considered required reading, before asking questions on the users' forum! 


    JBoss Cache can be used either inside JBoss, with a different application server, or as a standalone product.


    Here is official JBossCache main documentation page. This wiki page will serve for some additional materials.


    Want to help us translate JBoss Cache documentation to a language of your choice?  See the JBossCacheDocI18n page!




    Here is the page for some tips on troubleshooting JBoss Cache.



    More information

    • Migrating from JBoss Cache 1.x.x to 2.x.x?  Then read JBossCache200Migration

    • JBossCache on J2EE servers:

      • JBoss Cache 1.4.x is always available and runs transparently on JBoss AS 4.x.

        • JBoss Cache 1.4.x has been tested on J2SE 1.4 and Java SE 5.0.  While it may work on Java SE 6, this hasn't been extensively tested.

      • JBoss Cache 2.x is always available and runs transparently on the upcoming JBoss AS 5.x.

        • JBoss Cache 2.x does not have support for J2SE 1.4 and requires either Java SE 5.0 or Java SE 6, both of which are extensively tested with JBoss Cache 2.x.

        • For information on running JBoss Cache 2.x under J2SE 1.4, see this wiki page: JBossCacheHabaneroJava1.4

      • JBossCacheAsCompatibility - a HOWTO for running JBoss Cache 2.x under JBoss AS 4.x safely.

      • JBossCacheAndWebLogic - for a quick HOWTO on running JBoss Cache under BEA WebLogic 8.1, utilising a startup and shutdown class to initialize the cluster-wide caching service.

      • JBossCacheAndWAS For a quick overview on how to run JBossCache in WebSphere

      • JBossCacheAndWAS_6.x - for a quick HOWTO on running JBoss Cache under WebSphere 6.x series

    • Hibernate integration:  See JBossCacheHibernate for information and tips on using JBossCache as a 2nd-level cache in Hibernate

    • Building JBossCache:  Check out the README files in the src distribution or SVN checkout.

    • MVCC: With JBoss Cache 3 "Naga", we have deprecated optimistic and pessimistic locking in favour of MVCC.  Read all about it here.

    • Buddy Replication: Have trouble replicating a lot of state to many machines in a cluster (whether using JBoss Cache, or other techs that use JBoss Cache such as http state replication)?  Read JBossCacheBuddyReplication and JBossCacheBuddyReplicationDesign!

    • JDBC-based cache loader: see JDBCCacheLoader for information and tips on how to configure JDBCCacheLoader with various DBMS.

    • Accessing and Monitoring JBoss Cache using JMXJBossCacheMBeans describes how to access JBoss Cache using its JMX MBeans.  With JBoss Cache 1.3.0, this is also possible when running in a standalone (e.g., non-server) JDK 5.0 environment.

    • Clustering patterns library: The clustering patterns library contains configuration strategies for high availability using JBoss Cache.

    • Running JBoss Cache with the JGroups Multiplexer : See JBossCacheMultiplexer

    • Monitoring: See Jopr - JBossCache plugin for monitoring JBoss Cache instances within JBoss AS.
    • Groovy: Want to use JBoss Cache with Groovy and Grails?  See this plugin.



    Upgrading and Compatibility Information


    JBoss Cache developer's page


    For Subversion information, tags and branches, and tips on developing and debugging JBoss Cache, see JBossCacheDevelopment.



    JBoss Cache & JGroups version compatibility


    See for details


    JBoss Cache & JDK Requirements


    JBoss Cache Version

    JDK Compatibility

    1.2, 1.2.1, 1.2.2, 1.2.3

    J2SE 1.3, J2SE 1.4, JavaSE 5.0


    J2SE 1.4, JavaSE 5.0

    >= 1.3.0

    Runs with J2SE 1.4 and JavaSE 5.0. Needs JavaSE 5.0 to build.

    >= 2.0.0

    J2SE 5.0, J2SE 6


    Other editions


    Aside from JBoss Cache - Core Edition, we also ship: