Version 34

    JBoss-Hibernate Integration (Easy Deployments)

    - Steve Ebersole, JBoss Inc






    The Hibernate integration module for JBossAS, aims to make deployment of applications using

    Hibernate into JBoss as easy as possible.





    Initial versions of this module integrated Hibernate2.  This is the version bundled with

    JBossAS versions 3.x and 4.x (prior to 4.0.2).  Even though this version is deprecated,

    the Wiki documentation can still be found at JBossHibernate2.  It includes attachements for both

    the source code as well as the drop-in module (built for 4.x).  Again, see the JBossHibernate2

    page for all the details.





    Versions of this module integrating Hibernate3 are available in JBossAS 4.0.2 and later.  See

    JBossHibernate3 for the details.




    Hibernate Help

    If you need help with Hibernate, itself, please be sure to check out the

    reference manual

    as well as the api docs.  You

    can also use the Hibernate forums to post your

    questions or the Hibernate JIRA

    to report bugs and enhancement requests.




    JBoss 3.x

    Note that the Hibernate integration for JBossAS 3.x is no longer maintained.

    The concept of a '.deployer' archive is a notion that was added in JBossAS 4.x,

    so the jboss-hibernate.deployer archive discussed on other pages will simply

    not work on JBossAS 3.x




    Hibernate2 vs. Hibernate3

    See switching regarding switching versions of

    Hibernate used in the integration.




    JBossCache with Hibernate

    JBossCache can be used as a cache provider for Hibernate, regardless of whether Hibernate is used within JBoss Application Server or not, and provides a clustered, transactional caching solution for Hibernate.  See JBossCacheHibernate for details, tips, and recommended practise.