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    Background on JMX Notifications


    Typically, MBeans have attributes/operations and they can optionally

    emit and consume notifications.


    JMX Notifications are simple classes that extend

    This base class contains basic information (type, timestamp, source, etc.)

    and there are a number of subclasses (e.g.

    that provide additional information.


    Developers can create their own notification subclasses and define their own

    notification types (java-package-like strings that are used to identify

    notifications by name, rather than class, e.g. "jmx.attribute.change"),

    in order to convey any type of information.


    Notifications provide a convenient way for an MBean (or an external non-MBean

    listener) to be informed about various "events" that occur inside the

    MBeanServer and its registered MBeans. For example, a monitoring MBean

    may emit a notification to indicate a memory low condition. Another MBean

    may subscribe with the MBeanServer to receive notifications whenever a new

    MBean is registered or unregistered.


    The power of Notifications is that the MBean that acts as a Notification

    broadcaster is decoupled from any interested Notification Listeners that

    register at runtime in order to receive notifications.


    The JBoss helper class org.jboss.system.ServiceMBeanSupport

    provides an excellent base for writing Standard MBeans that act as Notification

    Broadcasters, too. Infact, the base class will emit to indicate the transition


    (see ServiceLifecycle).


    Writing a Notification Listener MBean


    To write a Standard MBean that is a Notification Listener, too, you need

    to follow all the usual steps for creating a Standard MBean (e.g.

    ExampleHelloWorldService) and in addition implement the interface by providing

    an implementation for the callback method:


    void handleNotification(Notification notification, Object handback);



    This method is called whenever an MBean that you have specifically

    subscribed to receive notifications, emits a notification. As a result,

    independently of what you do with those notifications, you must first

    subscribe for receiving them, by optionally supplying a object, that can filter

    notifications at source.


    Registering for notification is done at the MBeanServer separately

    for each MBean that you want to receive notifications from, using

    the following method:


    void addNotificationListener(ObjectName name, 
                                 ObjectName listener, 
                                 NotificationFilter filter,
                                 Object handback) 
                                    throws InstanceNotFoundException



    Design Issues


    Except for relatively simple cases where MBean A registers for

    notifications from MBean B, things can quickly become complex

    considering the following:


    • receiving notifications from multiple MBeans

    • receiving selected notifications from MBeans

    • specifying the registration settings declaratively

    • registering dynamically to new MBeans


    Since the process of managing notification registrations is independent

    of the actual handling of the received notifications, we have factored out

    the above functionality inside a helper base class that you can use

    to build quickly your own extensible notification listener Standard MBeans.





    is an abstract base class

    that extends


    and implements both

    org.jboss.system.ListenerServiceMBean and


    To create your standard listener MBean, follow the step for creating a

    JBoss Standard Mbean (as in ExampleHelloWorldService), with the following



    1. Extend ListenerServiceMBeanSupport instead of ServiceMBeanSupport.

    2. Make your MBean interface extending ListenerServiceMBean instead of

      ServiceMBean. This will give your MBean interface an additional

      SubscriptionList attribute that will be used to configure the

      subscription mechanism at deploy-time.

    1. Call subscribe(boolean dynamicSubs) at anytime in your code

      (e.g. in startService() to register to those MBeans and for

      those notifications that match the specified criteria in the

      SubscriptionList attribute.

    1. Call unsubscribe() at anytime in your code (e.g. in stopService()

      to unsubscribe for notifications.

    1. Override the handleNotification2() method, instead of the usual

      handleNotification() method to handle the incoming notifications.


    Follow the link to ExampleMinimalNotificationListener, for a simple

    notification listener that outputs to the console any notification

    that you configure it at deploy time.



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