Version 6

    Each project needs to be given a unique groupId and artifacId in order to be released to the Maven repository.  This page provides some information about how to choose good values for these fields.



    Group ID


    The recommended convention for choosing a groupId is to use the project's base Java package name (  For example, if the package used in the project begins with org.jboss.ejb3  then the groupId should also be org.jboss.ejb3.  The project POMs contain this groupId.





    Some JBoss projects that are not fully migrated to maven can use a different convention.  Artifacts that are moved from the old thirdparty repository have a  (directory for the files) and  (name of the file).  For these artifacts, the  should be used as the , and the thirdparty  as the maven  until the projects are fully integrated with maven.


    For a list of valid groupIds, see Maven JBoss GroupIds


    Artifact ID

    The maven artifactId should be a descriptive name for the project or sub-project.  This could be something like jboss-microcontainer-kernel, or hibernate-core.






    The versions used for jboss projects should follow the conventions described on the project versioning page ( JBossProjectVersioning ).