Version 3

    Notes on microcontainer release 2.0.0.Beta10 1/24/2008


    I moved the maven release plugin configuration to the aggregator pom from the parent, because the release happens from the aggregator.  I also added some configuration so that the release plugin uses a single version number for all the modules instead of prompting for each one.


    I also updated the maven jar plugin to version 2.2 which was releases a couple weeks ago, and includes a fix that was causing problems with some earlier.  The problem still appeared during the release process until I removed the old jar plugin versions from my local repository.  Then it seemed to work ok.


    I added the docs module to the build.  This was fine during the prepare step of the release, but during the perform, the docs module had an error because of missing distributionManagement section.  Running a deploy from the temporary release checkout directory worked fine without the docs directory.


    So in summary the steps that I had to do for the actual release are the following:


    1. mvn release:prepare

      (Then enter the version numbers for the release)

    1. mvn release:perform

      (This had an error because of the docs module)

    1. cd target/checkout

    2. mvn deploy (This had to be done because of the docs issue, but should be fixed in the next release).

    3. Check in the deployed maven jars to svn.

    4. Manually copy and commit the jars to the buildmagic repository (maybe this step can be automated next time using the jboss-deploy plugin).