Version 41



    1. Improve the current test infrastructure - High Priority

    2. WSRP 1.0 implementation - High Priority

    3. CMS

    4. Presentation framework

    5. Personalization

      1. Dashboard : pages based on the same object model for shared pages

      2. Personalization of shared pages : position, theme

    6. Existing JIRA tasks not yet implemented

      1. Clustered search engine

      2. Provide war file instrumentation pluggability

      3. Decouple user and its preferences

    7. User and role modules

      1. LDAP store for user and groups

      2. Provide a mapping in the portlet application that adds one level of indirection between parameter names

    8. Parallel rendering engine

    9. GUI improvements

      1. Define a consistent look and feel accross all the management portlets

      2. Apply this look and feel in JSF

      3. Migrate existing portlets in JSF

      4. Improve current management portlet

        1. Possibility to create portal

        2. Configure portal object properties

        3. Configure default object property (default page or default portal)

        4. Configure the behavior of the window when it is not available per context/portal/page

    10. Portal Security

      1. Layer in the security module for all authorization checks.

      2. Remove Portal Jacc Layer in favor of the default JBossSX Jacc Layer. There should just one policy configuration/context per deployment.

      3. PolicyEnforcementInterceptor should handle other actions apart from view.

      4. Permissions Logic Should be decided. Parent/Child Relationship in permissions need to be decided.

      5. Remove JBossCache reliance. Mainly the listener(JaccPolicyConfigurator) that loads up the perms/roles etc.

    11. Various items

      1. Refactor the command invocation framework similarly to the component invocation framework : use a Result object and an handler to decouple the action performed within the server and the action following this action

      2. Define clustered configuration

      3. There is a property today for the configuration of the behavior of what happens when a portlet is not available (for security reasons for instance) but this is at the server config level, add the similar property at the portal object level

      4. Guard against long preferences values

      5. Remove parameters usage in portal object event



    In the forums we discuss about it too