Version 2

    How to order portlet and page deployment


    In the portal, the pages and portlets, that are in different -object.xml files, can be deployed in any order. The portal can deploy some page, and after deploy the portal (or main pages) that own the sub pages.


    This allow the hot deployement of any part of the portal (new portal, pages, sub pages, new portlet instances/windows in a page).


    But however, if you want, for any reason, to have an order in the way the portlets and pages are deployed, you can put the different -object.xml files in different War (or SAR), and use the deployement ordering of them in JBoss.


    For that, the JBoss service to look at is : name="jboss.deployment:type=DeploymentScanner,flavor=URL"

    in the file : \server\Server1\conf\jboss-service.xml

    You can use, as an example provided beside the default deployer, the PrefixDeploymentSorter.

    And read the main JBoss AS documentation for more information about it.


    Most of the time, the part of the portal (new portal, pages...) are packaged with the porlet class and other code things, so packaging the specific -object.xml file that defines the portal object with it is a good architecture. It allow hot deployement of the parts of the portal, without touching the other parts.