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    SOA-P development covers many areas and overlaps with other types of development. This page will collect an inventory of tools related to SOA-P development, including tool source and comments. The idea is to catalog available tools and highlight where further effort is needed to fill in gaps.


    Since this inventory attempts to include all development tools relevant to SOA-P, so entries (such as Java development tools) might seem obvious, but it is important to understand the availability and sourcing of even these fundamental items.


    NOTE: No claim about maturity of available components is implied by the list below. In many cases where a component exists, there is additional (sometimes substantial) work required to bring the component to a features/quality completeness that we ultimately require. Thus, the purpose of this list is to catalog available sources for these components and especially to highlight areas in which sources for even minimal components have not been located.

    Source Index



    Tool Inventory


    Use Case



    BPEL Editor

    Graphical editing of BPEL files

    Eclipse BPEL editor seems to be inactive.

    BPMN Editor

    Graphical editing of BPMN files

    STP version not extensible

    Decision Table

    Table-based rule definition

    See JBRULE-1687
    Enterprise Integration Patterns (EIP) EditorGraphical definition of integration scenariosSTPNeeds specialization for JBESB
    Groovy Dev ToolsSupport use of Groovy development for SOA-PCandidates available; pending evaluation.

    Guvnor Tools

    Tools for using Guvnor resources in Eclipse


    First release with Drools 5

    Indexing and Completion SupportContext sensitive interaction of resources in a SOA-P solution

    Java Dev Tools

    Tools for Java development

    Eclipse SDK

    Used to create actions for SOA-P

    jBPM EditorGraphical editing of jBPM filesjBPM

    JBoss ESB Configuration Editor

    Graphical editing of JBoss ESB configuration files


    First release with JBT 3.0. Future work described in JBIDE-2064

    JBoss ESB Deployment Support

    Deploy JBoss ESB archives


    First release with JBT 3.0

    JBoss ESB Project Wizard

    Wizard for creating Eclipse JBESB projects


    First release with JBT 3.0

    Message EditorTools for message definition.

    MVEL Dev Tools

    Tools for MVEL development

    MVEL is currently used with/by a number of SOA-P components

    Registry Tools

    Tools for interacting with (jUDDI) registries

    See JBIDE-2067

    Rule Editor

    Editor for Drools rule files


    Service Composition Editor

    Graphical editor for composite service applications

    See JBIDE-2068

    Service Oriented Infrastructure Viewer

    Interact with ESB containers for deployment, testing, etc.

    See JBIDE-2069

    SOA ModelerGraphical analysis and design of servicesSee SOA Modeling wiki for details
    Testing ToolsGraphical tools for testing ESB services. Might include debug.

    Transformation Editor

    Graphical editor for defining data (Smooks) transformations


    First release with JBT 3.0

    WS-CDL ToolsGraphical tools for defining WS-CDL processesPi4TechAvailable for Ganymede

    WS-Policy Editor

    Graphical editor for WS-Policy files


    WSDL Editor

    Graphical editor for WSDL files


    XML Editor

    Source text editor for XML files


    XML Schema Editor

    Graphical editor for XML Schema Definitions (XSD)



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