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    SOA Tooling project

    This wiki is currently a place holder for ideas and needs for tooling in the SOA platform (web and eclipse) and required components.



    Guvnor is the repository and management tools for the SOA repository - where you store assets/interface contracts, and a web interface to manage it all (including rules, processes, services).



    This is the glue between developer tools, and the central repository (administrative and management and analyst tools).


    SOA-P Development Tools (SOA-P:DEV-T)

    Tooling for development with SOA-P (SOA-P:DEV-T) will be delivered in Eclipse . Given the broad landscape of development carried out in support of SOA, we will need to assemble tools from a number of sources (for example: jBPMN, Drools and other open source projects such as Eclipse WTP, STP, DTP, etc.) in addition to building new components. In this section we will collect information about current and future efforts (whether planned or just speculative) and encourage discussions.


    Why bother with Development Tools?


    The Linux Hater has blogged :


    '...I've found samba to be pretty solid code... when I can configure it. And that's what it really comes down to. The best code in the world won't change the world if people can't use it.'


    Next, take the word 'samba' out and insert the name of another component: JBoss ESB, Smooks, Drools, Hibernate....


    Usage Scenarios for SOA-P:DEV-T:

    If we don't have a clear understanding for whom we're creating SOA development tools, then any tool created can be made to fit some imaginary user. Working hard to deliver excellent, but irrelevant, tools is no fun. To avoid this, we will start to define and clarify SOA development tooling scenarios, user profiles and roles. We hope to build a catalog of these entries that can be kept updated and refined in discussion with the community.


    Current SOA-P:DEV-T Items

    A table of Jira items related to SOA-P:DEV-T can be found on this page .


    SOA-P Development Tools Inventory


    A list of tools related to SOA-P development can be found on this page.


    SOA-P Development Tools Idea Page


    A page for ideas about future SOA-P development tools can be found here.

    SOA-P Development Tools Component Lab

    SOA Modeling


    Related Projects

    SOA-P:DEV-T is closely related to JBoss Tools (and hence JBoss Developer Studio ), since JBT and JBDS will be the delivery container for much of the Eclipse based components. Therefore, JBT and JBDS planning is a key link.


    Design Discussions

    In this section we will link to various pages devoted to specific design discussions for SOA-P:DEV-T.





    Wish List

    In this section we will link to various pages that discuss SOA-P:DEV-T requirements in very general terms. The idea is to have an open discussion for ideas that might eventually translate into one or more Jira items to be targeted for release.



    The following people are working on SOA-P:DEV-T:



    Management oriented tooling

    Browsing and editing repository contents

    Web based - browsing what is available in the repository (just like a file system)

    Can view rules, esb configs, interface contracts etc.. (this is "Guvnor" web component) with JCR back end.


    Web based - set up alerts, view reports of activity

    Remote management of services

    Web based - MTTR, MTTF reporting, start/stop.

    Graphical view of entire environment, showing hotspots etc

    Web based

    Rules BRMS (to be integrated)

    jBPM console (to be integrated)