Version 7

    The Service Binding Manager service is one of two approaches to configuring multiple JBoss AS instances on one machine while avoiding port conflicts. (The preferred approach is to multihome the machine and use the -b startup switch to bind each AS instance to a separate IP address). It allows you to avoid port conflicts by ensuring each AS instance uses a unique set of ports for its various services.


    With all of the independently deployed services available in JBoss, running multiple instances on a given machine can be a tedious exercise in configuration file editing to resolve port conflicts. The binding service allows you centrally configure the ports for multiple JBoss instances.


    Besides allowing multiple AS instances to run on the same machine, the Service Binding Manager also has the benefit of organizing all port configuration information in a single location. This is such a significant benefit that beginning with AS 5, the Service Binding Manager is enabled by default and is the source for most socket binding information. (The intent is to make it the source for all socket binding information, including JGroups ports.)