Version 17

    What is Embedded Jopr?

    Embedded Jopr is a Seam-based web application that can be used to monitor and manage an instance of JBoss Application Server. Right now we are targeting managing single instances but in the future we aim to support management of a cluster of JBAS instances.


    Enough sizzle, where's the steak?

    If monitoring and managing is too much marketing speak for you, Embedded Jopr 1.2.CR Release Notes is a current feature breakdown.


    Show me the money!

    You can see some screenshots of the console in action Embedded Jopr Screenshots.


    A 10-minute Flash video that demonstrates Embedded Jopr can be viewed here.


    I need it right now! Where can I get it from?

    If you are running JBAS5.1CR or later the console is already bundled with the app server. If you are using an earlier version of JBAS take a look at theEmbedded Jopr Downloads page to get a hold of the latest release. Once you've got the binary you should take a quick look at the Embedded Jopr Install Guide for some tips on making sure your JBAS instance is setup correctly for usage with Embedded Jopr.



    I think I've found a bug...

    The first place to check is the forum and JIRA. Search there to see if anybody else is seeing the same thing; if not, please post to the forum, and someone should add their two cents. If after discussing on the forum, you still think you've got a bug, raise a new issue in JIRA.



    I've got more questions...

    Check out theEmbedded Jopr FAQ. Still no joy? Post to the user forum.