Version 12

    WARNING this article is out of date - please refer to more recent documentation.


    The following table shows all the supported connection properties. Please see these below documents, to see how a client application can use Teiid JDBC Datasource or Driver to connect to a Teiid runtime


    Generic Connection Properties:


    Property Name
    ApplicationNameStringName of the client application; allows the administrator to identify the connections
    FetchSizeintSize of the resultset; The default size if 500. <=0 indicates that the value is not set
    PartialResultsModeStringEnable/disable support partial results mode. Default is "off". Allowed values are "on" or "off"
    SqlOptionsStringWhen set to 'SHOWPLAN' equivalent to adding OPTION SHOWPLAN to every command executed on the Connection.

    Only applies only when "autoCommit" is set to "true".

    This determines how a executed command needs to be transactionally wrapped inside the Teiid engine to maintain the data integrity.

    ON  - Always wrap command in distributed transaction

    OFF - Never wrap command in distributed transaction

    PESSIMISTIC - If the executed command is spanning more than one source it automatically uses distributed transaction.

    OPTIMISTIC (default) - Throws an exception if command executed is spanning more then one source


    Note: prior to 7.0 the DataSource property name is transactionAutoWrap

    disableLocalTxnboolIf "true", the autoCommit setting, commit and rollback will be ignored for local transactions.



    The optional client token will be passed directly through to the connectors, which may use it, and/or pass it down to their underlying data source.

    The form and type of the client token is up to the client but it must implement the Serializable interface. Teiid does nothing with this token except to make it available for authentication/augmentation/replacement upon authentication to the system and to connectors that may require it at the data source level.

    userStringUser name

    Credential for user

    ansiQuotedIdentifiersbool(7.0+) Sets the parsing behavior for double quoted entries in SQL.  The default, true, parses dobuled quoted entries as identifiers.  If set to false, then double quoted values that are valid string literals will be parsed as string literals.


    DataSource Specific Properties:


    Property Name


    StringThe name of a virtual database (VDB) deployed to Teiid Embedded.


    String(embedded only)Embedded allows different modes of deployment.
    ServerNameString(Server only) Server where the Teiid runtime installed
    PortNumberint(Server only) Port number on which the Server process is listening on.
    securebool(Server only) Secure connection. Flag to indicate to use SSH based connection between client and server
    DatabaseVersionStringVDB version
    PasswordStringCredential for user
    DataSourceNameStringName given to this data source


    Driver Specific Properties:


    Property Name
    allowDoubleQuotedVariablebool(6.2-) If "true", the parser will treat double quoted strings as identifiers (ANSI behavior).  Note that the default value is "false".  If you want the ANSI behavior or are using a tool (Eclipse DTP for example) that auto-generates queries with identifiers in double quotes, then set this value to "true".