Version 3

    Get clean Hudson matrices

    Create Hudson jobs for the release branch in the QA box.

    # su -l hudson
    $ cd svn/jbpm/jbpm3/branches/
    $ svn co
    $ cd jbpm-3.x/hudson
    $ ant hudson-setup

    Run the jobs and verify they complete successfully.

    Follow web console test protocol

    Refer to jBPM3 Web Console Test Protocol

    Update Release Notes

    Copy the release notes from the JIRA road map into modules/distribution/src/main/etc/release.notes.html

    Tag and Deploy Maven Artifacts

    To deploy to the JBoss Maven repository, you will need to add your credentials to your settings.xml file.

          <username> username</username>
          <password> password</password>
          <username> username</username>
          <password> password</password>

    Prepare for release with the following command. Maven will prompt for the release version (say, 3.2.10), the SCM release tag (jbpm-3.2.10) and the next development version (3.2.11-SNAPSHOT).

    $ mvn release:prepare

    Once you are ready to perform the release, execute:

    $ mvn release:perform

    After the release is performed, Nexus will automatically create a temporary staging repository. Refer to Maven Deploying a Release for details on closing the staging repository.

    Release files for download

    See the Guide to the File Release System for a complete description of the procedure. Here is a quick reference.

  offers several methods to upload files, including SCP. The username below corresponds to your account.

    $ cd modules/distribution/target
    $ scp jbpm-installer-version.jar

    Point your browser to the file releases page. Add a new release and associate the uploaded file to it.

    Publish new version in the downloads page