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    RichFaces 4.0.0.Final has been released


    This article is a launching point for information and details regarding the release.  This is going to include high level requirements, release plans, and other aspects of the release.

    Table of Contents:


    What is RichFaces 4.0

    RichFaces 4.0 is the next evolution of RichFaces and JavaServer Faces (JSF).  This release will feature complete JSF 2.0 support, enhancements, and components.  This is not the only goal of our 4.0 release though.  We are implementing a new, simplified Component Development Kit (CDK), Custom behaviors, dynamic resource support, and more.

    Release Plans

    RichFaces 4.0 is using a time-boxed, milestone release model as described in JBossProjectVersioning.



    • Released:  March 7th
    • Jira:
      • Release Planned: End of March 2011
      • Jira:

        Primary Functionality & Updates

        This sections is going link to details of various features, and initial planning around each.


        NOTE: Initial planning - May not be up to date!!


        Migration From RichFaces 3.3.X

        The main goal is to make migration from RichFaces 3.3.X to 4.0.X as easy for developers as possible.  Direct swap-in upgrades will not be possible do to the extreme changes brought on by JSF 2.0, and updates to RichFaces itself.


        Migration details will be finalized during the milestone releases, but will include detailed documentation, scripts, migration-bridge jar, and examples in articles and blogs.


        RichFaces Application Migration from 3.3.X to 4.0.X

        How To Get Involved

        The RichFaces project and team is a very open and public group, and we encourage anyone who is interested to get involved with the project.  The RichFaces team and community have public meetings where the release will be discussed.  Please see RichFaces Team Meeting Information for more information.


        TODO: Links to development guidelines, and examples, and how to provide a patch.

        Development Process and Guidelines

        For the RichFaces 4.0 release we are making great efforts to improve, and document out development process, and guidelines.  Below are various links to wiki resources related to RichFaces development.


        TODO: Update with latest items.

        Release Process

        TODO: links to wiki

        Continuous Integration

        TODO links to wiki and hudson

        Richfaces 4 test plan

        Richfaces 4.X release testing process

        RichFaces 4.0 Documentation Plan