Version 21

    Building RiftSaw


    The RiftSaw build system is Maven based. To build RiftSaw makes sure you are using Java 6 and Maven 2.2.1 or later.


    1. Check out the source from SVN (

        svn checkout


    2. Build the RiftSaw distribution, and execute

        mvn clean install


        mvn clean install -P docs     (if documentation should be included)



    On a successful build the distribution can be found in distribution/target/


    To set up Eclipse use the m2 maven plugin and "Enable Dependency Management" and "Enable Nested Modules".


    Build with Integration Tests


    In addition to a simple build, it is also possible to perform integration tests against a JBossAS and JBossESB server. Detailed please see the wiki page here.


    Building the RiftSaw ODE

    ---- This is for RiftSaw-ODE 2.1.0.CR1 version or later, which is based on ODE 1.3.4.


    To build RiftSaw makes sure you are using Java 5 and Maven 2.2.1 or later.


    1. Check out the source from SVN (

    2. Run: mvn clean install


    Building the RiftSaw Maven Artifacts

    ----- This is for ealier version of RiftSaw-ODE 2.1.0.CR1 release, which is based on ODE 1.3.3.


    The RiftSaw build depends on jars from the Apache ODE projects. The current ODE code is based on ODE 1.3.3. This version is checked into the branch. The code in this branch will be refreshed periodically with newer code from the ODE project. Note that these artifacts carry are licensed under the Apache 2.0 License.


    Some of the ODE code needed to be changed to support deployment to JBossAS-5.1. The changes have been committed to the branch. If applicable changes in this branch will be contributed back to the ODE project. To build this branch check out the Apache ODE build instructions. Besides Ruby 1.8.x with RubyGems 0.9 or later, you need java 6. Next install buildr version 1.2.10.

    Now modify buildr. On OSX the file you want to modify can be found in /Library/Ruby/Gems/1.8/gems/buildr-1.2.10/lib/buildr/xmlbeans.rb.  While on the linux box, you should be able to find it in ~/.gem/ruby/1.8/gems/buildr-1.2.10/lib/buildr/xmlbeans.rb. Change the xmlbeans dependency to 2.2.0.


    XMLBEANS = "org.apache.xmlbeans:xmlbeans:jar:2.2.0"


    sudo env JAVA_HOME=$JAVA_HOME gem install buildr -v 1.2.10


    To create a ODE distribution run:


    buildr _1.2.10_ -f Rakefile-riftsaw TEST=no  jboss-riftsaw:distro:package


    or use the '' script provided.


    To upload all build artifacts to your local maven2 repo on the file system update the following line in the Rakefile-riftsaw

    repositories.release_to[:url] ||= "file:///opt/repo/m2-snapshot-repository"

    to point to the m2-snapshot-repository directory of your local maven repository and run:

    buildr _1.2.4_ -f Rakefile-riftsaw TEST=no upload


    or use the '' script provided.


    To set up this project in Eclipse see the ODE instructions, where each module ends up as a project.



    Tip for updating the local maven repo:

    1. Create ~/buildr.rb file, with following property



    In this case, you are sharing the Buildr repo with Maven repo. (if you also update the maven's local repo to '/opt/m2/repo')

    For detail, you can refer to