Version 10
    Java Development Kit (ie. Sun JDK)>=1.6.0, <1.7Yes
    Apache Maven>=2.0.9Yes
    Eclipse IDE
    IntelliJ IDEA


    Configure Environment
    • Configure Maven to include the JBoss SNAPSHOT and Release repositories 
    • Configure JAVA_HOME to point to a JDK6 installation


    Check Out, Build, and Test JBoss Embedded Libraries

    Now that we have the latest AS SNAPSHOTs installed, and a local M2 repository copy of JBOSS_HOME built, we can build the Embedded libraries.


    Run the Embedded Integration TestSuite in an IDE

    After running from the command line (which ties into the Maven cycle which will copy all resources to the appropriate target locations), you may perform subsequent runs straight from the IDE. The following is an example of doing just this from within Eclipse.

    • Create a Run Configuration
    • Set JBOSS_HOME Environment Variable
      • embedded_runconfig.png
    • Set Runtime Arguments to the JVM (ie. take a look at testsuite/pom.xml for examples of setting Endorsed Dirs, etc)
    • Run 
      • embedded_testrun.png


    We currently have coverage for:

    • Local EJB3 Stateless Session Bean invocation
    • JMS via EJB3 Message Driven Bean
    • Simple Servlet + JSP Webapp
    • Hibernate / JPA / EJB3 Entity Bean
    • Jax-WS
    • MC Integration


    Any developers looking to ensure their project runs in Embedded are welcome and encouraged to add some support to the ServerIntegrationTest.