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    This page describes the Maven settings required to use the JBoss Maven repository.  Maven uses a file called settings.xml which can contain repositories and other build settings.  A default settings file is included with Maven in $MAVEN_HOME/conf/settings.xml.  For user specific configuration, Maven looks for the settings.xml file in the user's home directory (~/.m2/settings.xml).


    The JBoss Maven repository uses the Nexus repository manager.  Detailed information about the repository can be found on the page Maven Repository


    User Settings


    The JBoss Maven repository has several repository groups which provide a combined view for several hosted repositories.  If you simply want to use JBoss artifacts as build dependencies, it is recommended that you use the "jboss-public" group.  This repository contains only JBoss specific artifacts (i.e. does not proxy from external repositories)



    For more information see Maven Getting Started - Users


    Developer Settings


    If you are trying to build a JBoss project, the project POMs may already have the correct JBoss repository URLs configured.  If not, you will need to add the "public" group to your settings.xml.  This repository group contains both the JBoss projects and several thirdparty repositories which contain artifacts necessary to build JBoss projects.



    If you are building an older version of a project, you may need to also include the deprecated repository in your build.  For more information, see JBoss Deprecated Repository


    For more information see Maven Getting Started - Developers


    Legacy Maven Repository


    As of April 2010, the JBoss Community no longer uses the old repository URL.



    This URL has been disabled (June 2011) in order to reduce the load on the JBoss repository and encourage users to migrate to the Nexus URLs