Version 2

    JBoss SOA Platform is a collection of technologies designed to meet an organization's SOA needs.  SOA-P includes an ESB, BPM engine (jBPM), Rules engine (JBoss Rules), UDDI Registry (jUDDI), as well as a full JEE application server.  To cover each of these areas in depth is beyond the scope of this workshop.  Instead, this workshop is designed to give you an overview of the SOA Platform as well as some experience using JBoss Developer Studio to create and deploy SOA-P applications. 


    Here are the labs covered in the attached workshop: 


    Lab #1:    Install and Configure SOA Platform

    Lab #2:    SOA Platform Quickstarts     

    Lab #3:    Installation of JBDS     

    Lab #4:    Configure SOA-P in JBDS     

    Lab #5:    Creating First ESB Project     

    Lab #6:    Adding a Custom ESB Action     

    Lab #7:    Installing SoapUI For WS Testing     

    Lab #8:    Create a JSR 181 Web Service     

    Lab #9:    Proxy Web Service with ESB     

    Lab #10:  Adding XSLT to WS Proxy on ESB     

    Lab #11:  Adding CBR to WS Proxy on ESB     

    Lab #12:  Using jBPM