Version 6

    Odd Thesis was an incubator for many projects, Cloud releated too. After more than a year there was a decsion to move to infrastructure. We placed our projects under StormGrind – umbrella for Cloud related projects in JBoss. With the move all projects were renamed and some project were divided into smaller parts. Additionally new projects we're added too. Confused? Take a look at the below diagram.

    Project name transition diagram
    What happened to JBoss Cloud?

    Former JBoss Cloud project was renamed to CirrAS.

    What happened to JBoss (Cloud) Appliance Support?

    Former JBoss (Cloud) Appliance Support is the new BoxGrinder Build project.


    BoxGrinder is a set of a few smaller projects:


    We moved also RPM build tasks from old JBoss Appliance Support to a new  project called Cantiere, thus building RPM files and build appliances are now 2 separate processes.

    What next?

    Go to StormGrind home page and read more. Be sure to read also the StormGrind | Documentation. Current list of our projects is always available on projects page.


    You can always ask for help – see our community page.