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    This page provides a list of steps to follow to prepare for a project release.  The goal is to make the release process as easy and reliable as possible.


    Note: Some of the information is specific to Maven builds.


    Release Preparation


    1. Verify the POM Configuration


    Make sure that all your project POMs meet the JBoss requirements Maven Project Configuration Requirements


    2. (Optional) Analyze the project dependencies


    The Maven dependency plugin can be used to analyze project dependencies.

    mvn dependency:analyze


    This will tell you if your project contains any unused dependencies or if there are any transitive dependencies that should be declared directly in your pom.  If you receive warning messages about your dependencies, they should be fixed in your pom.xml.  If you are not able to fix the dependency warnings, you should add comments to the POM describing why the dependencies are included or excluded.


    For a more complete view of the dependency tree, use the "tree" goal of the dependency plugin.

     mvn dependency:tree


    3. (Optional) Branch the Codebase


    Branching for a Release if you need to continue developing in trunk during the release process



    4. Review the Project Roadmap

    1. All open issues in Jira should be closed or sheduled for a future version.
    2. Check that the version in Jira matches the version that you want to release.

    5. Verify the Project Build

    Verify that the project builds and all automated tests pass, or have some documentation about why they fail.

    If you use a release profile, verify that the project builds correctly using this profile.  For example:


        mvn install -Prelease


    This will build the project with the same settings that will be used when performing the release.


    6. Continue with the Release


    Continue with the JBoss Project Release Process