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    Maven projects often contain a version string in multiple places: the pom of each module, and sometimes properties files and/or java files.  This page describes some tools to make it easier to update the version of a Maven project.  This might be used when branching or releasing a project.  If the project is using the standard maven release plugin, the techniques listed on this page are not necessary.


    Using Perl to Update Versions

    One line unix/linux command


    perl -pi -e 's/1.2.0-SNAPSHOT/1.2.0.GA/g' `find . -name \*.xml -or -name \*.java`


    More information about using this command can be found in David's Maven Release Process


    Platform Independent Script

    A Perl script called "" is a general find and replace tool, and can be used for updating project version strings located in the pom.xml and/or other text files.  It is available in svn.


    Basic usage information can be seen by running the script with no parameters.




    This script can be used to update your project poms, java files, and properties files.


    perl -e -w "(pom.xml|\.java)" -x "(target|output)" 1.0.0-SNAPSHOT 1.0.0.GA


    This will find all files named "pom.xml" or ending with ".java" except those located in the target or output subdirectories.  If you leave off the "-e" parameter the script will run in read-only mode and will only provide a preview of the changes.


    Using the Maven Versions Plugin


    The Maven Versions Plugin (update-child-modules goal) can be used to update the parent references in module poms.

    1. Update the version in the root pom.
    2. Run: mvn versions:update-child-modules