Version 3

    This test should verify that release builds can be deployed to a temporary staging repository, and artifacts in the staging repository can be promoted to the releases repository.


    1. Check your Maven configuration (Maven Repository Test Plan - Test Configuration )
    2. Update the version of your project to a non-snapshot version (i.e. from 1.0-SNAPSHOT to 1.0)
    3. Deploy the project to the nexus staging repository using the deploy command in the configuration page ( Maven Repository Test Plan - Test Configuration ).
    4. Log into Nexus and verify that the artifacts are present in a temporary staging repository.
    5. Close the staging repository.
    6. Search for the artifact using the search interface, and verify that it is found in the staging repository.
    7. Promote the artifact to the "Releases repository"
    8. Locate the artifact in the releases repository using the search.



    Closing the staging repo



    Promoting the artifacts