Version 3

    Some dirty quotes from mail exchange about Infinifspan appliance.

    Well this is a demo appliance to showcase what Infinispan can do.  (Right?)  So I'm guessing we do want a cache store to be enabled as well to handle memory overflowing to local disk.  Apart from that, a sufficient number of instances of these appliances running would be a form of 'persistence'

    1.  Infinispan in DIST mode
    2.  REST server running on each node (in a JBoss AS instance?)
    3.  Demo client apps can be written as WAR files and deployed in the same JBoss AS instance?
    4.  JBoss AS to be configured to start the Infinispan instance (via the MC?) and bind it to JNDI for use by demo clients
    5.  A demo web application using Infinispan
    6.  Infinispan JOPR plugin deployed in the AS, and accessible by the embedded console

    1)  Infinispan storage node appliance.  Just run Infinispan in its standalone JVM.  With JOPR agent.
    2)  Infinispan REST server appliance.  REST server running in a (slimmed down) JBoss AS instance (non-clustered JBoss AS instance!).  The infinispan-server-rest.war file contains an Infinispan instance and also acts as a storage node.  It will discover and sync with the other Infinispan storage nodes defined in (1).  With JOPR agent.
    3)  Infinispan Management appliance.  Slimmed down, non-clustered JBoss AS running JOPR + JOPR infinispan plugin.
    4)  An appliance running Apache + mod_cluster as a load balancer for REST server instances in (2) ?

    Probably 3 and 4 should be merged.

    And we should put together a wiki page detailing "recipes" on combining the above appliances into a coherent grid.  E.g.,

    Recipe 1: Demo app

    Fire up 1 instance of appliance-2.  Direct traffic to this instance.

    Recipe 2: Small clusters with load balancing

    Fire up 10 instances of appliance-2 and 1 instance of appliance-4, direct all traffic to appliance-4.

    Recipe 3: Large storage grid

    Fire up 90 instances of appliance-1.  10 instances of appliance-2.  1 instance of appliance 4, direct all traffic to appliance-4.  Appliance-3 optional for a management console.


    There is a ticket for creating Infinifspan appliance on Infinispan JIRA: And here is a ticket from StormFolio:


    Final thoughts

    • Cache store to be enabled as well to handle memory overflowing to local disk (using a simple FileCacheStore, perhaps in async mode)


    • 4 appliance types:
      • storage appliance
      • REST appliance
      • management appliance
      • Load balancer appliance (httpd + mod_cluster)