Version 9

    This page describes the schedule for testing and rollout of the new Maven repository for


    Week 1 (Feb 1)

    (1 day per team member)

    Each team member should review the tests and note where additional tests should be added or existing tests should be improved.

    Each test team member should go through each test and note whether the test succeeded or failed, and add notes to the Test Results Page.


    Week 2

    (1/2 day per team member)

    All problems found during testing will be organized and clarified in the test results page.

    All problems will be fixed in the Nexus configuration or an alternate solution will be provided.


    Week 3

    (1 day per team member)

    Each team member verifies that all test issues have been resolved.

    The Nexus configuration will be documented so that the setup can be reproduced.

    Week 4

    (3 days for team lead)

    The Nexus configuration will be replicated on a test server hosted internally by Red Hat


    Week 5 (Mar 1)

    (1 day per team member)

    Tests should be performed against the internal Red Hat hosted server


    Week 6 (Mar 8)

    (2 days for team lead)

    Resolve any issues found during testing.

    Send email to JBoss mailing lists that the new server will be coming on-line soon.

    Week 7 (Mar 15)

    EngOps will work on a puppet configuration to replicate the setup to the Red Hat production server

    Create user documentation in the wiki with instructions for using the server.


    Week 8 (Mar 22)

    (1 day per team member)

    EngOps will work on a puppet configuration to replicate the setup to the Red Hat production server


    Week 9 (Mar 29)

    (1 day per team member)

    Finish configuration of production server.  Finish documentation of repository rollout process.

    Test team members will validate that the tests work against the production server.

    Test team members will review and help improve the user documentation.


    Send reminder notice to jboss mailing lists that the old repository is being replaced with the new configuration.


    Week 10 (April 5)

    Had to push back rollout 1 week due to some server configuration problems and problems with the tools to reorganize the repository.


    Week 11 (Apr 12)

    Final review and testing of production server

    Final review of documentation related to using the new server

    Create an announcement page containing information to using the server.


    Friday (Apr 16)

    Disable svn commit access to the old svn based repository at 20 UTC.  Migrate to the new repo over the weekend.

    Maven Repository Nexus Rollout Plan


    Week 12 (Apr 19)

    New server goes live Sunday or Monday.