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    WARNING this article is out of date - please refer to more recent documentation.


    Teiid 7.0 installation is entirely different from previous versions. Previously Teiid could be installed as a standalone or embedded server. Starting with this release Teiid needs to be installed into an existing JBoss AS installation.  Teiid does not support the "embedded" mode in 7.0 version.




    1) Download the JBoss AS 5.1.0 application server. Install the server by unzipping into a known location. Ex: /apps/jboss-5.1.0


    2) Download Teiid 7.0M3 . Unzip the downloaded artifact inside any "profiles" inside the JBoss AS installation. We suggest using either "default" or "all". Teiid 7.0 for the administrative purposes uses a service called "profile service" that is only installed in "default" and "all" profiles, so installing into one  of these profiles is required.  Ex: /apps/jboss-5.10/server/default


    3) Start the JBoss AS server by executing "/apps/jboss-5.1.0/bin/" if you installed in the "default" profile. Other wise use "/apps/jboss-5.1.0/bin/ -c <profilename>"


    4) That it!. JBoss AS and Teiid are now installed and running.  See below instructions to customize various settings.


    5)  Users can now connect their JDBC applications to Teiid using these instructions.



    Directory Structure


    The below file structure shows the contents of the Teiid 7.0 deployment. This directory structure is "exactly" same as what is under any JBoss profile directory structure like "default"






    Master configuration file for Teiid system. This file contains its own documentation, so refer to the file for all the available properties to configure.




    This directory contains all the connector RAR files that are supplied as part of the Teiid installation.






    These files define the allowed users and their defined roles in Teiid using the default security domain. Edit these files to add uses. If you want to use a different security domain look for details in main configuration file.




    This file contains the Teiid specific logging contexts to be included in the "jboss-log4j.xml" file.  If you need to turn ON or OFF specific logging in Teiid, then copy the contents of this file into "jboss-log4j.xml" in the installation directory.  See the Server Extension Guide for more on logging.




    This file has the required files for Teiid JOPR plugin. To see the Teiid's "admin-console", go to http://<host>:<port>/admin-console




    This directory contains Teiid runtime specific configuration files and its libraries. These configuration files define VDB deployers, connector binding deployers etc. Typically user never need to edit any files in this directory.




    This directory contains Teiid client libraries. It has the Teiid JDBC driver jar, "teiid-{version}-client.jar", and also contains "teiid-hibernate-dialect-{version}.jar" that contains Teiid's Hibernate dialect.




    This directory contains some examples of how Teiid can be used. Contains artifacts need by the Getting Started Guide. Also contains some sample XML files to define the connectors.