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    Running CirrAS

    You need to run CirrAS first. CirrAS CirrAS | Running On Amazon EC2 (but you can StormGrind | CirrAS | Running On VMware/Xen/KVM too).


    After CirrAS is launched you're ready to run your app. By default CirrAS is running in cluster profile, so you get a fully replicated cluster. See StormGrind | CirrAS | JBoss AS Profiles page for more info.


    To see all nodes joined the cluster go to mod_cluster_manager located on front-end appliance:



    Deploying applications

    To deploy your app you can use "Farm" Deployments in JBoss AS 5.x.

    Copying app using SCP

    You can copy your app using SCP to one back-end appliance (doesn't matter which) and the app will be propagated to all members in the cluster. Just execute:


    scp yourapp.war root@IP_ADDRESS_OF_SELECTED_BACK_END_APPLIANCE:/opt/jboss-as6/server/cluster/farm
    Note: If you're on EC2, please make sure you provide also your SSH key after scp command:

    scp -i your_key.pem root@...
    On EC2 please copy your app to /opt/jboss-as6/server/cluster-ec2/farm folder.


    That's all. You can check mod_cluster_manager to see if farm service started your app in all nodes.


    Feel free to use our forums if you have questions/problems.