Version 7

    This page describes the process for uploading an artifact that is currently not available in any public Maven repository.  If you are rebuilding the thirdparty jar, see Maven Deploying a Release.  If you are uploading prebuilt binary and source jars, this is the correct page.


    It is really important to take care to not redefine an artifact already defined in maven central or another well know public repository. If your copy is different from the one usually used by Maven users it may create some problems very difficult to diagnoze.


    Check for the Artifact in Existing Repositories


    The first step is to check for the artifact in the common repositories.  There are several sites to help you locate a specific artifact.



    If the artifact is found in an existing repository, you might just be able to use it from there.  If the existing repository is not already proxied by the JBoss Community repository, create a jira issue ( ) to request that this repository be added.


    Upload the Artifact


    If the artifact is not found in any repository, you will need to manually upload the artifact to the "JBoss Thirdparty Uploads" repository.  Note that this is not the same as JBoss Thirdparty Releases which should only be used when building a thirdparty project from source.


    1. Create a basic POM for the artifact that contains the information listed in the page Maven Project Configuration Requirements.

    2. Log into Nexus ( ).  Click on the "JBoss Thirdparty Uploads repository, and then choose the "Artifact Upload" tab.  This tab provides a form which can be used to upload the files.  Select GAV Definition "From POM" and locate your newly created POM file.  Then choose the jar (or other file) from your filesystem and fill out the appropriate classifier and file extension if needed.

    3. Click on the Upload Artifact(s) button.