Version 14

    This document lays out plans for enhancing the project site for Arquillian.



    • Urge IT to get Arquillian added to the index: both in the drop down of projects and in the project matrix


    Magnolia configuration change requests


    Add top-level navigation template links:


    • Link to API/SPI JavaDoc under Documentation
    • Link to FAQ under Documentation
    • Link to project analysis (such as Ohloh) under (Overview)
    • Link to Release Notes under Downloads
    • Link to external articles under Documentation


    Credits page


    "Stars of the Release"


    • High contributions, give developer credit for their contributions
    • Something like: "We'd like to recognize" (a wall of stars)
    • Name, contribution, issue report #
    • Added at the time of a release (have nominations between releases)
    • Newest first, remain indefinitely
    • Same person can get credited multiple times for work on different releases
    • All people are candidates except for the project lead


    Tutorials/Learning page


    Includes a collection of educational resources, including:


    • slides
    • videos
    • audio/podcasts
    • screencasts


    Quick start page (for users)

    • Shows how to get started in the minimum number of steps
    • Start with the Weld maven archetype


    Sidebar success.png

    • Hudson mood light
    • Link to chat logs
    • Link to logos (for people wanting to use it in presentations)

    Home page success.png

    • Favicon
    • Short mission statement at the top      
      • Arquillian provides a easy mechanism for testing your business logic inside a remote or embedded container or for deploying the code to the container so the test can interact as a client.
    • a diagram of how things flow; a pretty graphic of where things fit, if we can manage it
    • Relationship to the JBoss Testing initiative
    • a table of what Arquillian enables you to do; what features it offers
    • then a code sample, that really drives it home, with a link to "See more examples..."
    • the project overview table that jsfunit and jopr use; we can put in there all the super quick links
    • blog entries and perhaps other types of activity feeds


    Build page (for developers) success.png

    Usage scenarios page success.png

    • Page of pure examples
    • Test remote EJBs, Test WebServices, Test transactions, Test JMS, etc.
    • Linked from "See more examples" on homepage


    Testimonials page success.png

    I recently got introduced to Arquillian. Arquillian is a JBoss project for providing better testing to the java ee stack.
    Arquillian utilizes ShrinkWrap, another great project, for creating virtual archives as deployments to the container.
    It's all pretty damn slick
    I encourage you to take a dive into the community. It’s well organized and alive.